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A Dahlia Hawthorne Fanmix

Dahlia Hawthorne is arguably one of the best villains in the Ace Attorney series. She’s clever, she’s aware, she’s ruthless and she can sway people (especially men) to her side just by smiling at them. In spite of how she is able to get others to care for her, Dahlia does not care for them. She looks out for herself only, by her own admission. Her MO is to use people to her advantage and then kill them when they become a liability. Her preferred method of killing is poisoning.

[spoilery, oversimplified tl;dr]Dahlia was born in Kurain village, a village of spirit channellers, along with her twin sister, Iris, to Morgan Fey, the sister of the Master of Kurain Village. Her father took the twins and left, leaving Iris at a shrine because his new wife already had a daughter. He did not care about his children. With the aid of Terry Fawles, Dahlia and her stepsister stole a jewel from their father. The plan was to have Fawles pretend to kidnap Dahlia so her father would pay the ransom. They would then bolt with the money and the jewel. Valerie betrayed them at the last minute, shooting Fawles. Dahlia jumped off the bridge they were standing on to keep the sapphire and was assumed dead. In reality, she ended up where Iris was and the twins reunited. Her first brush with the courtroom was years later, as a witness to her stepsister’s murder, allegedly carried out by Fawles, Dahlia’s boyfriend. The murder was actually carried out by Dahlia, to keep her from talking about the circumstances surrounding the theft. Rather than testify against Dahlia, Fawles drank the poison Dahlia had told him to drink if he ever started to doubt her. With the key witness dead, Dahlia escaped prosecution.

She later met the defense attorney Diego Armando and poisoned him into a coma because she knew he was onto her. She didn’t want to get caught with the heart shaped bottle necklace that had contained the poison, so she passed it off to Phoenix Wright, becoming his girlfriend. She intended to kill him to get it back. Her twin sister Iris took sympathy on him and posed as Dahlia to get it back. Eventually Dahlia ended up attempting to poison Phoenix. Everything came to light in a case where Phoenix was accused of killing Dahlia’s ex-boyfriend, Doug Swallow. In reality, Dahlia electrocuted him to death to keep him from revealing her true nature to Phoenix. Dahlia was eventually convicted of the murder and sentenced to death by hanging. In jail, she met her mother and the two hatched a plan before Dahlia’s execution.

Morgan had by now had another daughter, Pearl, who had spiritual power. She asked Pearl to channel Dahlia post-execution to kill the daughter of the Master so Pearl could become the Master. Pearl was not aware of the implications of the request. Dahlia ended up being channelled first by the Master herself, who was murdered as a result, and then by Maya, the Master’s daughter. Iris was convicted of the murder and Dahlia, in Maya’s body, took her place at the trial. Dahlia didn’t realize that Maya, the one she was supposed to kill, was channelling her. Once her mistake was revealed, Dahlia’s spirit left Maya’s body—and the mortal plane—for good.

Vermilion - Slipknot
She seems dressed in all the rings
Of past fatalities
So fragile yet so devious

No Man Alive - Hannah Fury
There's no man alive that I can't deceive
So give me a man who's crueler than me
There's no man alive that I can't destroy
So give me a man who'll be first to deploy

Hearts for Bullets – Ayria
No more girl next door
Actions with no remorse
Burned up and marked for death
She's watching you as you hold your breath

The Ventriloquist – Ruby Throat
With your arms around my neck
We ran through the thorny wood
The doll screamed after us to the world
Daddy was no good

Little Drop of Poison – Tom Waits
She left in the fall
That's her picture on the wall
She always had that little drop of poison

Heart Shaped Box – Nirvana
She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak
I've been locked inside your heart shaped box for weeks
I've been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap

Small Town Witch - Sneaker Pimps
She whored, she graced
Bitching with a bottle, saving face
Blowing it out as the jury's doubt is laid to waste

Beneath My Undress – Ruby Throat
Your DNA still dictates my ways
A hangnail beneath my undress
Same time I escape the rope
So I put it back about my throat

Mary's Beheading – Craig Armstrong

Scin – I:Scintilla
Purely easier to let complicate
Revive a dormant spirit
Spill over darkened shades
Under quickness awakened
This balance will never fade

Cinnamon Spider – Jack Off Jill
A witch will burn when she's thrown into the fire
Not her, she'll peel and writhe but never expire
She crawls on webs of lies
I die up inside her
To take what's mine

Paperdoll – Kittie
She knows you have her soul
She sees it in your eyes
She wants you to eat her pain
She wants you to eat her remains

Vermilion Part 2 - Slipknot
She seemed dressed in all of me
Stretched across my shame
All the torment and the pain
Leaked through and covered me

ZIP @ mediafire. :3
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